Boutique Shoe Care

Shoe Care.jpg


Shoe Shine & Cleaning

Standard Shoes $10.99
Regular Boots $14.99
Boots Above Mid-Calf $37.99
Suede Shoes $34.99
Suede Boots $69.99

Leather Reconditioning & Shines

Leather Recondition & Shine (Dark) $24.99
Leather Recondition & Shine (Light) $38.99

Sneaker Reconditioning & Cleaning

Rubber Clean & Conditioning (Dark) $24.99
Rubber Clean & Conditioning (Light) $29.99


Women’s Shoes

Toe Tip $14.99
Heel Tip $13.49
Heel $49.99
Red Bottom Sole $38.99
Front Sole $39.99
Flat Ballet Sole $47.99

Women's Boots

Boot Heel (All Sizes )$26.99
Boot Sole (Rubber) $28.99

Men's Shoes

Toe Tips $19.99
Heels - Rubber $32.99
Heels - Combo Leather & Rubber $39.99
Half Sole - Rubber $39.99
Half Sole - Leather $54.99
Front Sole $54.99
Half Sole and Heel - Rubber $69.99
Half Sole and Heel - Leather $99.99
Red Bottom Sole $54.99

*Please note that pieces with delicate details like sequins, embroidery, patches, etc. may require additional care and handling so pricing will reflect as much. You will receive an itemized receipt and inventoried items are shown in the app.

**Please note that heavily soiled pieces may have lasting damage and/or discoloration - in the event that we service heavily soiled footwear, our QA staff will determine the appropriate level of care without causing excessive wear to the textile.