A smart locker based garment care company.

24/7 Dry CleaningLaundry x Storage x Donation & Consignment

Automate your chores.


Service for all occasions

Connecting residents to full life-cycle garment care.

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Dry clean & laundry

Automate Your Chores

Operators with 30+ years of experience

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storage & restoration

Climate-controlled Storage Facility

Secured Vaults & Charcoal Chambers Available (Inquire)

Pure Space - Declutter

consignment & donation

Upcycle your Closet

Goodwill Donations

24/7 Garment Care x Storage x Consignment x Donations



Create your account on-line or download our App, then bring your garments to any of our 24/7 accessible lockers. Lock the door by choosing any 4-digit code and turning the knob!


Place your order by texting us your box number (eg. "762"), or by using our App. We'll take care of everything, from sending you an itemized receipt to proactively letting you know of any items requiring special treatment.

You can also track and manage your order through our App.


Generally, turnaround is two business days, as long as the order is placed by 8 AM, 7 AM on Fridays (repairs, and household items require longer turnaround). We'll notify you by text and through the App when your order is ready for pickup.

Come by anytime, 24/7, find your box number, and grab your clothes by entering the security code we sent to you. 

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A mesh of privately owned dry cleaning plants + service partners


Reclaim your down time and live fully with your new found time, closet space and clear perspective. Home is your sanctuary.